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Crossref pubmed cas web of science times cited 219 myrick h , anton rf , li x , henderson s , randall pk , voronin k 2008 effect of naltrexone and ondansetron on alcohol cue-induced activation of the ventral striatum in alcohol-dependent people.

At the end of 6 months, 53 percent of the patients who received naltrexone via implant remained in lasix water pill for sale. treatment and had not relapsed, whereas 16 percent of those who received oral naltrexone, and 11 percent in the double-placebo group remained in treatment and had not relapsed.

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This is a similar side effect to other im buttocks injections, such as antibiotics, and is not related to naltrexone itself.

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if a person who is fitted with a naltrexone implant uses an opiate drug they will not feel the euphoria or pleasant experiences associated with the drug unless they take very large doses.