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The recommended initial dosage of Rocaltrolcalcitriolis 0.25 mcg/day given in the morningIf a satisfactory response in the biochemical parameters and clinical manifestations of the disease is not observedthe dose may be increased at 2-to 4-week intervalsDuring the dosage titration periodserum calcium levels should be obtained at least twice weekly andif hypercalcemia is notedRocaltrolcalcitriolshould be immediately discontinued until normocalcemia ensuessee PRECAUTIONSGeneralCareful consideration should also be given to lowering the dietary calcium intakeSerum calciumphosphorusand 24-hour urinary calcium should be determined periodically.

Patients with normal renal function taking Rocaltrolcalcitriolshould avoid dehydrationAdequate retin a canada pharmacy no prescription. fluid intake should be maintained.

In concurrent hypercalcemia and hyperphosphatemiasoft-tissue calcification may occurthis can be seen radiographicallysee WARNINGS

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Immobilized patientsegthose who have undergone surgeryare particularly exposed to the risk of hypercalcemia.

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